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    Pokemon Raptor Version

    Head Admin.
    Head Admin.

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    Pokemon Raptor Version Empty Pokemon Raptor Version

    Post by ShivShubh on Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:09 pm

    Pokemon Raptor Version 75761911


    - Brand new region to explore
    - Interesting storyline
    - Hero and Heroin from Pokemon Ranger
    - All pokemon available to catch
    - 3 starter from Sinnoh
    - Get a National Pokedex at the beginning
    - Catch legendary pokemon through its own story
    - More choice than "Yes” or "No”
    - Lots of Minigames
    - PokeDevice instead of PokeGear or PokeNavi
    - Mailing system replaced phone system ( maybe cancel )

    STORY -

    The story starts with a scene where STEVEN is teaching you about battling with a pokemon. When you finish learning, you are asked for choosing one pokemon from the three SINNOH starter.

    Then, you will have to defeat gym leaders, collect badges and so on untill you met TEAM HUNTER, a team that lead by sixteen trainer which is known as CHAOS SIXTEENTH. They try to collect plates from legendary Pokemon to summon the God of the Pokemon, ARCEUS...

    Adventurous and interesting storyline happened when you try to stop them from summoning ARCEUS. You’ll have to face challenges, defeat enemies and save the world...


    CHAOS SIXTEENTH made up of 16 strong trainer. They created a team known as TEAM HUNTER to help them in collecting PLATES. Specific pokemon including Legendary Pokemon, holds the plate. CHAOS SIXTEENTH need these plates for their goal.

    What is the GOAL?

    They collect the plates to summon ARCEUS with the help of DIALGA and PALKIA.


    CHAOS SIXTEENTH made up of 16 trainers which chase after plate holder each. But there is 3 more character controlling the whole group. There is 2 co-founder and founder. They are more stronger than the whole team.


    Pokemon Raptor Version 18636288 Pokemon Raptor Version 99459375

    Pokemon Raptor Version 09424054 Pokemon Raptor Version 27043488

    Pokemon Raptor Version 27183719



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    Pokemon Raptor Version Empty Re: Pokemon Raptor Version

    Post by yalamanda on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:47 pm

    provide some screen shots

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