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    Ruby Hack - Pokemon Quartz Version [Final] [English]

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    Ruby Hack - Pokemon Quartz Version [Final] [English] Empty Ruby Hack - Pokemon Quartz Version [Final] [English]

    Post by ShivShubh on Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:22 pm

    Ruby Hack - Pokemon Quartz Version [Final] [English] Pokemon-quartz-version-gameboy-advance-gba-sp-98a0a


    Hack Of - Pokemon Ruby [English]
    386 new Pokémon
    New coaches
    New maps
    Events, can capture all the legendary
    And more! (Which everyone gets when you run out of ideas)

    STORY -

    Not much time has passed since the young Ash Ketchum Pokémon on his journey from Japan, but this is a totally different story. From another country in the world, in a small region called Corna, is about to resurrect an ancient legend that will mark the story of a young coach.
    Kanto. Saffron City.
    Akiyama's family leaves on a plane to Corna, along with its neighbor and friend Baro, to move to a small town called Breeze Town. Baro, a renowned scientist, he moved there to investigate the Pokémon that inhabit the island Corna, the which few have been archived.The Akiyama, her small Ran, forming part of a population for that newly built town.
    Baro is investigating new Pokémon on their own, but he has enormous strength in his head is in a big hurry, and after seeing the skills of Akiyama's daughter, decided to relegate his work on it, which you capture Pokemon to Professor Baro investigate them. The teacher will also have the assistance of another person, another Japanese family recently moved to a Breeze Town: the Kabuchi. Kabuchi Akira Joseph will help with Ran for Baro, as long as they train well to his first Pokemon, namely : Firegg, or Aquegg SEEGG.
    But while Ran tries to capture Pokémon Corna and get the Pokémon League medals, a band on the island try to resurrect an old legend in his own behalf, the legend on the God of Chaos Burning Kaosune and a cowgirl great relationship with the band try to hunt them ...
    The story continues and you're the one command.


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    DOWNLOAD LINK [Final Version] -


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