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    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Marble Version [English]

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    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Marble Version [English] Empty FireRed Hack - Pokemon Marble Version [English]

    Post by ShivShubh on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:46 pm

    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Marble Version [English] Marble

    Hack Of - Pokemon Fire Red [English]


    20 years after the adventures of Ran and J.Akira, a new quest begins in the region of GARNA in the country of Lowheaven.
    Pokémon Marble features some of the pokemon already in Pokémon Quartz, but most of them will be new for you. There are also some brand new Pokémon. All the new graphics are slighty more professional, as well as the text and other stuff.

    STORY -

    An innocent trainer will get involved in an obscure plot of gangsters, mafias and a great secret. However, the real enemy that everybody tries to fight is the Death... but is that a right thing to do?
    Professor Baro will help you in your career as a trainer. Fight new trainers, new Pokémon, the GLASS ARMY and The Phantom, a mysterious character with a dark secret. Travel around the other regions in the country using the EGG TRAIN, catch the four guardians and a whole new collection of legendary. Be part of the legends of this magical country. Travel through the forests, the molehills, the seas, the caves, deserts, towns, (big) cities while meeting new trainers.
    Meanwhile The Phantom sets Kayuko's lab in fire and Kayuko flees through the secret tunnel. Meanwhile the glass army is looking for Ethern, a POKéMON that never ages and can grant eternal youth with a kiss (if you're young when it kissed you, technically you stop aging), and all of that stuff is directly related.


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    DOWNLOAD LINK [Current Version - Beta 2.1] - W9Z4FSID


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