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    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English]

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    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] Empty FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English]

    Post by ShivShubh on Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:58 pm

    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] Pokemon+Rose

    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] HolyStarMapXousFinalSized


    Hack Of - Pokemon Fire Red [English]

    If I do say so myself, a well-written storyline is to be found in this game! There are eight gyms and the Elite Four to beat, just like a classic Pokemon game, yet there are plot twists around every corner!

    All 386 Pokemon normally available in the GBA games will be obtainable. Every single Pokemon is available for capture!

    You have the freedom to choose any of the first three generation's starter Pokemon as a starter. Choose wisely!

    Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua all make appearances. What could their reasons be for showing up in Centiq?

    References to official Pokemon games and characters are made. This has been done to make Pokemon Rose have a canonical feel! =)

    New items will be included in the game. Whether they are Centiq's variation of existing items, or entirely new ones on their own, this game is sure to provide players with many new items to collect and use.

    Completely redone TM list. Forcing players to re-think their options in this category add to the excitement!

    Changed movesets. Pokemon will be able to learn moves they normally were not able to. It will be a surprise to find out what!

    New in-game trades. The player will certainly need these Pokemon to complete their Pokedex!

    STORY -

    The Centiq region is a region rich in history and complex affairs. Plagued by various evils, a great Creator was once said to have bestowed upon Hermes Trismegistus an artifact known as the Emerald Tablet, said to contain both sacred knowledge of the world and a great power. This legendary tablet has been sought by many over the course of Centiq’s history, but it has never been found...

    Aster is a 15 year old boy living in Springate Town, a small quiet village on the southern seashore of Centiq. Professor Larch has returned from a trip far away, where he spoke with one of his colleagues. He has brought back some special Pokemon and might just give one of those to you! Aster leaves his house after talking to Mom and heads for Professor Larch’s laboratory.

    But before he gets far, Aster sees a strange man speaking with the professor outside! Hurrying over, Aster sees a tall, blue haired man in a black cloak. What does he want with the Professor?

    “Tell me everything you know regarding The Emerald Tablet!” the man shouts. Clearly he is not a friendly person! Running to the Professor’s aid, Aster is given three Pokemon by Larch in order to fight the mysterious hostile man. Defeating his Shelgon, Pupitar, and Metang, Aster succeeds in protecting the professor from further harm. Seemingly indifferent to his loss, the strange man simply states, “We shall meet again, Professor Larch,” before taking his leave. As he does so, a large blue cross is seen on the back of his cloak. Who was this strange person?

    The Professor thanks Aster and offers him one of the Pokemon he received from his colleague while traveling abroad. Aster’s long-time childhood friend, Allen, had been waiting inside the Lab during the ordeal outside. The two have their first Pokemon battle, now that they both have their very first Pokemon. Allen and Aster decide to compete to see who can get to the Pokemon League first, with Allen taking the lead.

    Will you make it to the Pokemon League before Allen, Aster?


    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] 104fa4z.jpg FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] Ou03yf.jpg

    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] 219xhsj.jpg FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] 173152.jpg

    FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] 23vx2qp.jpg FireRed Hack - Pokemon Rose Version [English] 2hi8fom.jpg

    DOWNLOAD LINK [Current Version - Beta 1.0] -

    Will Give It Soon When I Upload It!!!


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